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Feel free to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

Commission Request Information:

When I have the availability, I will take a few commissions (usually five at a time) depending on the time I have and the kind of work I am interested in taking.

To request a commission, first ensure that commissions are OPEN by checking the commission board. Any requests submitted while commissions are CLOSED will be automatically denied. Be sure to include any specifics such as colors ( is a great resource for generating hex codes!), sizes, or text. If you have photos to accompany your request, please email them to me with “Commission Request Photos” followed by the name you entered for the request as the subject like so: “Commission Request Photos Cam Collins”. Keep in mind that I am a full time teacher, so it may take me some time to get back to you. Your patience is appreciated, and your support is valued!

If your request is denied, please don’t take it personally! I usually deny requests because they are not necessarily in my wheelhouse, or because I don’t have the time or resources for that project at the time. I will do my best to keep the commission board updated, so feel free to check back if you would like a progress report! For examples of my work, feel free to check any of my social media platforms!

A “portfolio” page will be coming soon! 🙂

Send a message, or request a commission!

Commission Board

Commissions are OPEN! Last Update: 04.01.2022

Slot #1: Madison H. Test Building

Slot #2: Sara J. Test Building

Slot #3: OPEN

Slot #4: OPEN

Slot #5: OPEN

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