Update After Yet Another Hiatus

After way too long, I’m back on my routine! It seems that this past year, I’ve been doing nothing but getting knocked off my schedule. It was frustrating at first, but now I like to think I’m doing better at rolling with the punches. Many life things have happened, and of course, COVID is still doing its thing and shaking up plans, but through it all, I’m still rolling!

At this moment, I have TWO in-person sales events under my belt. That’s the reason for the severely depleted inventory (a blessing!). Soon, I’ll have that shop stocked again, and I’ll be ready for orders here! I am also anticipating an invite to another vendor event pretty soon. I learned quite a bit from the first two experiences. I’ll have to carve out the time to get the supplies I need to be even more prepared this next go-round.

I have some collaborations I want to get going, too! One is with an old high school friend that I’ve been delighted to watch grow artistically over the years. The other is a friend I made a couple of years ago. I’m absolutely excited for both, even if they don’t happen right now.

COVID is as COVID does, and Omicron has decided to throw a wrench in my pretty little schedule. The Innovation Hub has reduced its hours and closes at 5pm every day now. This means that I’ll only have Wednesdays to get things done in there unless I sacrifice a day or two in the gym (which will most likely have to happen). The goal right now is to go in and build my inventory up. I’ve been throwing a lot of tea bowls and mugs. I have also been making a lot of zodiac things that I hope do fairly well. So far, they already have people at the Hub talking, so I’d say that’s a good sign!

Overall, this has been yet another unintentional break. It was necessary, as all breaks are, and I feel like getting back into the swing of things. A new year will definitely do that to you!

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