Vendor Experience!

This past weekend was my first time as a vendor anywhere! It was a neat experience, even if it was a bit too cold for my liking. It’s clear that I still have quite a bit to learn about in-person sales, but I was grateful for the experience I got. I was definitely grateful for the few fellow vendors I got to meet and chat with. I got to pick a few folks’ brains and I will definitely be bringing that information with me for my next experience!

I am grateful for the networking and experience, but I am absolutely grateful for the people who bought work from me, or even just took a business card for future commissions! I’ve got a little extra money in my pocket just in time for Christmas! People just don’t understand how happy they make small business owners when they shop with us. When you buy from a corporation, you’re just lining someone’s already fat pockets, but buy from a small business, and you’ve paid someone’s bills, funded a dream, or purchased a Christmas present. So from me, on behalf of all small businesses everywhere, shop with us! To those that already have, or already do, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I do have one more in-person event coming up this weekend! I will be selling at The Arkansas Repertory Theatre at their Charlie Brown Christmas event! Feel free to stop by if you’re in the area! All the info is below:

Arkansas Repertory Theatre 601 Main Street Little Rock, AR 72202

The lobby opens to the public on Friday @ 6pm, Saturday @ 12pm, and Sunday @ 2pm. The sale goes on until the show ends each night!

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