Thoughts on Thoughts

I am incredibly excited to actually be selling my work in a more professional way. Instagram and Facebook are great resources, but they come with some hangups. At least with a website, I can keep up with sales easier. I’m kind of wary about doing away with commissioned work since it was pretty much the only way I sold anything. I think I just wasn’t as confident in myself and my work as I should have been.

I’ve wasted quite a lot of time obsessing over what people thought about me and my work. I found myself getting bothered when my work didn’t get noticed by artists I look up to or replaying a hurtful question over and over. Sometimes, I would lament over not having any “unique” work. It took a lot of time and reflection, but I finally understand. I can’t spend valuable time worrying about my work being popular. I have to use that time to hone my craft. So, with all that said, I’m going to be spending a lot of time just getting better!

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