New Toys, and New Knowledge!

I have been quite the spender here lately! I have purchased a lot of new things for the sake of my art, and the business side of it. Sometimes, it bothers me how much I’ve spent, but I try to keep in mind that every purchase is an investment! I definitely hope I can at least break even. I want to do my best to keep my prices in the same range as the other professional artists that I know.

Speaking of which, I’ve actually been asked to collaborate with a close artist friend! I’m definitely excited about that. I have been networking and gleaning a lot of knowledge from fellow artists lately. I love learning as is, but learning about my craft and about the art world has lit up my mind like nothing else has. It kind of proves that I’m made for this, so to speak. I’ve been skeptical every now and again about whether I’m doing the right thing, or if I’m really meant to carry my artwork this far (or even farther!), but I honestly believe I’m headed in the right direction!

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