My name is Deavon “Cam” Collins, and I am an artist.

I will mainly use this blog to share my adventures as a growing artist. I’ll be sharing my struggles, triumphs, and everything in between for those of you who are interested.

I am currently a 24 year old elementary art teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas. Art in the professional vein wasn’t a thing I seriously pursued until recently. I don’t have any shows under my belt other than my senior exhibition, “Kuumba!”, in 2018, but I’ll be changing that soon. I have been doing commissions for a little extra money, but I have recently decided to just create things and enjoy it.

I honestly think I got lost for a while. I got caught up in the money I needed to earn, the approval I needed to gain (from professors, peers in the art world, and of course, the public), and the need for some degree of “fame”. When commissions weren’t coming in, when I saw people supporting other artists I knew (but not me), and for sure when I felt my work wasn’t “unique enough”, I would break. I wouldn’t create. That meant my skills would slip, I would get frustrated at that, and I would create even less. It was a vicious cycle that I was determined to not only break, but set aflame. I have decided that no matter what, I will create. Even when the things I create aren’t “museum worthy”. Even when no one buys my work. Even when it seems I can’t create the next trending or eye-catching piece of work. I will create.

I have some goals that I would like to reach by this time next year:

  1. Get into AT LEAST one show
  2. Launch my website (obviously accomplished if you’re reading this!)
  3. Apply for a residency
  4. Sell work at a public event (if the world opens up some more)
  5. Collaborate with someone AT LEAST once

I’m confident that I’m making the right step forward. I can only imagine what I’ve got ahead of me!

Always Stay Hungry!

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